Police issue warning over rise in car thefts

POLICE are urging Gold Coasters to lock their car keys in a safe place when leaving a vehicle in the garage or carport following a rising trend in car thefts across the coast. 

It was today revealed that 84 motor vehicles had been already been stolen from homes across the Gold Coast this year, including high end brands such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Porsches.

Acting Chief Superintendent Ben Hanbidge said the statistics were “very concerning”.


“Quite often, a house will be targeted by offenders purely because there is a nice car in the carport,” he said.

“Thieves are becoming more discerning, they like to drive nice cars and many of the cars that appear on our ‘hot list’ are expensive imported European models.”

Police said they are finding home-owners are leaving their car keys cars in a visible location inside the house.

Chief Superintendent Hanbidge said it is imperative that home owners hide their car keys if they leave a motor vehicle at home.

“Don’t think that it won’t happen, because it is becoming more and more prevalent,” he said.