Police monitoring late night tram revelers

GOLD Coast police will step up patrols around light rail stations this weekend as party goers take advantage of the first ever 24 hour tram service.

It’s G:link’s first weekend of 24 hour operation, running every 30 minutes from midnight to 5am, when they will run every 15 minutes to 7am and every 10 minutes until 7pm when they will run every 15 minutes until midnight.

Hundreds of party goers ditched the long taxi queues and jumped on board the light rail overnight, saving money and time.


There were reports of an assault on board one tram which had stopped at Broadbeach South Station around 2.30am this morning, but police were nearby and able to take swift action.

Officers will continue to keep a close eye on revelers as they board late night trams this weekend, ensuring passenger safety.