Police officer adopts young boy found ‘starved, bound in trash can’

If there’s one story that’s going to warm your heart today, it will be this one.

A US Police officer has officially adopted a young boy who he rescued from severe child abuse about two years ago.

According to local media, the youngster, who was 8-years-old at the time, was found bound by his hands and feet with rope and had been submerged in a trash can filled with cold water.


The boy was also “starved and extremely underweight” as well as “covered in bruises from head to toe,” KENS5 reports.

After rescuing the boy, Oklahoma officer Jody Thompson rushed him to hospital where he sat by his side while he recovered in the Intensive Care Unit.

The next day, Officer Thompson applied to become a certified foster parent and welcomed the young boy into his own family.

A few months later, Thompson received a phone call explaining that the young boy’s mother had given birth to a baby girl while in jail.

Officer Thompson adopted her too.

Just last week, the heroic officer was awarded for his love and compassion by the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigations.

In a statement, they wrote: “You exemplify the kind of officer your community, city and the State of Oklahoma are blessed to have serving and protecting them. Your compassion is to be admired. You are most deserving of the commendation.”

During a presentation at the Poteau Police Department, Director of the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation said “Jody’s actions as well has his families are second to none.”

“The example of love and compassion he has shown to this young man and his sister is an example everyone should follow. It’s men like you that make me proud of our law enforcement brothers and sisters. You are very deserving of this commendation. I am proud to serve with you!”