Police ‘pleased’ with behaviour as Schoolies head into final night

The party is nearly over for Gold Coast Schoolies, with graduates heading into the final night of celebrations in Surfers Paradise.

Queensland police say they’ve been pleased with the overall behavior of school leavers this year, with only a couple number of arrests each night.

On Thursday there were eleven Schoolies arrested on 12 charges, mostly in relation to public nuisance and drug possession offences.


It was a much busier night for paramedics however, with 101 party-goers requiring treatment in the Ambulance Treatment Centre and one needing transport to hospital.

Of those assessed by paramedics, 52 were female and 49 were male.

Toolies were again up to their old antics, with nine non-schoolies arrested for public nuisance and drug related offences.

Queensland Schoolies wraps up tonight to make way for NSW Schoolies, who will head into the party precinct tomorrow.