Police pleased with Gold Coast drivers following RBT blitz

POLICE have revealed they are pleased with local drivers after a lower number of detections during a weekend drink driving traffic operation on the Gold Coast codenamed Blue Strike.

Gold Coast District Acting Chief Superintendent Ben Hanbidge said that police performed 3416 breath tests with only 13 drivers detected drink driving.

“It is pleasing to see the reduction in the number of drink drivers detected which would indicate that motorists are getting the message about this high risk and dangerous practice.


“Unfortunately though there were still a number of drivers willing to ignore the dangers with one driver allegedly recording a high BAC reading of .214% which is four times the legal limit and two other drivers allegedly recording .118% and .115%.

“To drink and drive a vehicle is a selfish and irresponsible act and puts the lives of all road users at risk.

“Police will continue to be out in force running similar operations throughout the Gold Coast District to ensure motorists continue to get the message about the dangers of drink driving,” Acting Chief Superintendent Hanbidge said.

There were also 23 traffic infringement notices issued during the operation.