Police praise Gold Coast drivers after RBT returns negative results

Gold Coast police have today praised local drivers after officers conducted a random breath testing site, with EVERY motorist returning a negative result!

Today’s RBT on the Esplanade at Narrowneck was part of Operation Blue Strike, which is aimed at targeting drink driving, traffic crashes, black spot areas and life endangering offences such as speeding, drivers using mobile phones, dangerous driving and failing to wear seat belts.

Senior Constable Lachlan Calvert from Surfers Paradise Police Station said officers conducted around 150 breath tests this morning, which all produced negative results.


“Of the vehicles intercepted, licences and registrations checks were also conducted, and I am happy to report no offences, unlicensed or unregistered vehicles were identified today,” he said.

“Thank you to the drivers today, it’s good to see members of the community engaging with Police and ensuring they are obeying the road rules.”