Police quizzing man after lengthy standoff

SOME residents in Logan have had their night disrupted, during a stand-off between a local resident and Police.

Officers declared an emergency situation at 8.22pm on Friday, an hour after tracking a vehicle to the Woodridge home.

Police say the vehicle failed to stop, before being driven to the property where the occupants got out and entered the house.


Four people surrendered and were taken into custody, but one man remained inside and was understood to be armed.

Police set up a 200 metre radius cordon around the Endella Street home and negotiators were brought in, along with the Special Emergency Response Team to speak with the man.

About two hours later, a 25-year-old man surrendered to Police and was taken into custody. There are unconfirmed reports, a loaded gun was found during a search of the home.

The PSPA was revoked at 10.55pm.

No one was injured during the incident.