Police ‘ready’ for border checkpoints if COVID situation changes

Senior Police on the Gold Coast warn they’re ready to bring back border checkpoints if the COVID situation interstate worsens or if too many people flout restrictions.

Queensland shut the border to all Victorians this week after that state was placed into a seven-day lockdown.

Victorian residents will be turned away while Queensland residents returning from Victoria will be forced into hotel quarantine for two weeks.


Gold Coast Police have stepped up patrols of roads near the border to try and catch people sneaking into the Sunshine State.

Officers will be paying extra attention to any vehicles with Victorian number plates.

But Acting Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman has warned that anyone could be pulled over.

“For anyone entering Queensland, you can expect to be stopped randomly, either through random intercepts or static operations on the border,” Acting Chief Superintendent Wildman said.

“We’ll be enquiring where the person has been since the 13th of May. If they’ve been to Victoria then obviously they’ll have to abide by the local restrictions and also have to complete a border pass and unless you’re exempt then you have the very strong possibility of being turned around at the border.”

Border checkpoints aren’t being considered at this stage with Police not expecting huge volumes of traffic from Victoria.

But they stand ready if things deteriorate.

“If the situation changes obviously there will be further announcements made through government and we’re prepared here on the Gold Coast should the situation change to enact operations as we previously have here on the Coast.”

Extra Police have also been stationed at Gold Coast Airport to meet every flight coming in from Victoria.

Despite the border closure, 14 flights from Melbourne are scheduled to land on the Gold Coast on Saturday.

Another six flights from Melbourne have been cancelled.

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