Police ready to defend ANZAC traditions

QUEENSLAND Police are primed to ensure the spirit of the Anzacs is not tarnished on Friday, April 25.

Commissioner Ian Stewart said police are committed to ensuring Anzac Day events are conducted in a manner which honours the ultimate sacrifice made by many of our servicemen and women in conflicts across the world.

Commissioner Stewart said any speculation that police were planning to disrupt marches to target particular groups, including organised criminal gangs, had no basis in truth.


“The QPS does not intend to target Anzac Day celebrations unless there is specific intelligence indicating that gang members were intent on disrespecting one of the most important days of commemoration for Australian and New Zealand citizens, by breaching the law.

“Demonstrations of violence or criminal activity by anyone, let alone criminal gangs will not be tolerated.’’

Commissioner Stewart said police would monitor events to ensure they are not disrupted, and if need be, conduct follow-up investigations into suspect criminal activity post-event.

“The message is clear. If you are not breaking the law, you have no need to be concerned, but maintaining public order and community safety is paramount to the QPS.

“The QPS is committed to stopping crime and building relationships for the safety of all Queenslanders.’’