Police reject claims Tara Brown was turned away before her murder

A leading police officer claims young Gold Coast mother, Tara Brown, was not turned away by police in the days leading up to her murder.

Ms Brown was allegedly murdered by her ex-partner, Lionel Patea, after he ran her off the road in Molendinar last month and then beat her to death as she lay trapped in the vehicle.

There were several media reports following the incident claiming that Ms Brown had visited police a week beforehand to seek advice on breaking up with her former partner.


It was claimed Ms Brown was told to “go elsewhere”.

Gold Coast acting Chief Superintendent Michelle Stenner told AAP says those reports are inaccurate.

“The Tara Brown matter is a horrific incident, as well as the other domestic-related homicide that we had,” Supt Stenner told AAP.

Supt Stenner said she believed police did a good job, but admitted there was always room for improvement.

“I’m not saying we’re perfect,” she said.

“We can always do things better and it’s about educating our own service as well about an attitudinal change to sexual violence and domestic violence.

“In terms of our training, we have a limited time in which we can train the people that we recruit to the service, but the majority of their training is on-road and during the first five years of their service.”

Claims she was turned away are being investigated.