Police rescue three-month-old King Charles Spaniel locked in boot of hot car

POLICE have been forced to rescue a three-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, found locked in the boot of a hot car outside a shopping centre in Sydney.

A member of the public called police after hearing a puppy, similar to the one pictured above, yelping in the boot of a vehicle that had been parked outside the Bondi Junction shopping centre on Saturday morning.

Officers responded and called the NRMA to assist them in breaking into the vehicle to retrieve the dog from the boot.


Police said no light, ventilation or water was provided for the puppy, which appeared distressed and dehydrated.

The mercury soared to 27 degrees at Bondi Junction on Saturday, with temperatures much higher inside the car.

After being given water, the puppy was deemed well enough to be returned to its owner who was found a short distance away and given a stern talking to by police.

The incident has, however, been reported to the RSPCA which is now investigating the matter.

Police say they are now considering which charges may be laid over the animal cruelty offence.