Police respond to reports of armed person at Main Beach

UPDATE: POLICE are speaking with an agitated former drug addict at the scene of a reported disturbance at Main Beach.

Police were called to SeaWorld Drive around 2.30pm with reports of an armed person causing a street disturbance.

On arrival, police were instead greeted by an agitated woman who told officers she’d recently given up marijuana.


The woman is assisting police with their inquiries.

EARLIER: POLICE have rushed to Main Beach amid reports of an armed person causing a disturbance on SeaWorld Drive.

Early reports suggest the person, said to be a male, was seen shouting and brandishing a knife while standing near a ‘small mini bus’ parked on the wrong side of the road facing on-coming traffic. 

Witnesses said the person of interest appeared to be either alcohol or drug affected.

Police have arrived on the scene and are now investigating.