Police say look ‘streetwise’ not fearful when out on Gold Coast

POLICE are urging residents to look ‘streetwise’ rather than fearful when out and about on the Gold Coast in a bid to avoid being mugged.

Officers released a statement on Thursday, confirming a number of robberies had been reported to Police in recent months where the offender/s have demanded personal property such as wallets and mobile phones from their victim.

Police went on to say the offences were being committed on the streets and at train stations during the afternoon and late at night.


“Often offenders of these types of offences target intoxicated persons, or people they perceive as vulnerable and likely to offer the least resistance,” police said.

Police advised residents to not put up a fight if approached by someone threatening to steal your belongings. “The safest option is to surrender the items,” police said.

“Take not of the offender’s description and/or vehicle and immediately report the incident to police.”

When out and about on the Gold Coast, police suggest locals and visitors adhere to the following suggestions;

  • Appear confident, self assured and comfortable in your surroundings through strong, positive body language.  Look “streetwise” rather than fearful.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and alert to what is going on around you.
  • Listen to, trust and act on your instincts. If you sense danger from someone, something or a place, immediately remove yourself to a safer place.
  • Do what you think will best preserve your safety. Options include running away, screaming, negotiating with the attacker, calling for assistance, and using physical self defence as a last resort.

REMEMBER: Everyone has the right to feel safe.