Police seize 126 illegal firearms from Ashmore business

Detectives from the Gold Coast Major and Organised Crime Squad have arrested and charged a 30-year-old Surfers Paradise man with unlawful possession of a firearm with a circumstance of aggravation this morning.

The charges follow the execution of a search warrant at a business on Dominions Road Ashmore on July 3 resulting in the seizure of 126 illegal firearms.

Detective Inspector Scott Knowles of the Gold Coast Major and Organised Crime Squad said. “Police will allege the man, operating under an expired Armour’s and Dealer’s licence, imported the weapons into Queensland with the intention of distributing them throughout Australia.”


“He has allegedly failed to maintain the required paperwork to register the weapons and record their movement within Australia.”

“Of the 110 weapons identified as having been imported, investigators have recovered 97 of them and are working to locate the remaining firearms.” Detective Inspector Knowles said.


The 30-year-old man is due to appear before the Southport Magistrates Court on August 26.

This arrest follows an ongoing investigation by the Gold Coast Major and Organised Crime Squad’s Firearms Investigation Team into firearms licensees who have allowed their weapons licence to expire, yet still retain firearms.

Detective Inspector Knowles said investigations into these types of offences are continuing.

“To date the Firearm’s Investigation Team has seized a total of 184 firearms, two conductive energy weapons and a set of ballistic body armour. Today’s arrest means a total of 11 people have been charged with 17 offences.”

“People who lawfully possess firearms in our community have obligations and responsibilities in relation to the retention of those weapons. This is to safeguard against weapons falling into illegitimate hands.”

“Police would like to remind those people who have allowed their weapons licences to expire, but still retain their weapons, to make arrangements for the renewal of their licence or to surrender the weapons as failure to do so can lead to charges and fines.” Detective Inspector Knowles said.

The Gold Coast Major and Organised Crime Squad have released footage in relation to the arrest: