Police shoot armed man in the leg after alleged threats

The Ethical Standards Command has been called in to investigate after police shot a man in the leg in Logan overnight.

Officers were called for assistance to a unit block on Page Street in Bethania around 11.00 pm.

On arrival, they report finding a man in the unit with a gun. A woman, who was known to the man, was also there.


Officers attempted negotiations before the man allegedly opened the door and walked toward the officers threatening them with the gun.

Police shot the man in the leg and immediately rendered first aid.

The 48-year-old was then taken into custody and transported to hospital for treatment of his non-life-threatening wound.

The woman in the unit was not physically injured in the incident.

An investigation into police conduct is now being carried out by the Ethical Standards Command, overseen by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

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Yes investigate why he was only shot in the leg.
Who wants to be a police man!

I’m so glad out police aren’t as trigger happy as American cops. Their motto seems to be ‘Don’t shoot to maim, shoot to KILL!’

We need to teach the police to aim better. A shot in the knee cap would have given the guy with the gun a lifetime to think about his actions. Any civilian in a suburb pointing a gun at others, police or otherwise, should be regarded as a potential murderer and dealt with accordingly.

Guess if he shot a police officer that would be ok too Lee!

Cops should have aimed a bit higher….somewhere between the eyes.