Police step in to address ‘safety issues’ in school zones

If you’re a parent you’ll currently be basking in the school holiday bliss of not having to wake your child, force them to eat breakfast, dress and then endure the school drop-off zone.

Even those who don’t have to deal with the kids can sympathise with the school zone slug.

On the Gold Coast there are known ‘hot spots’ that you would avoid like the Bermuda Triangle between the hours of 8-9am and 2.30-3.30pm.


One such area has prompted police to ‘address issues compromising the safety of children at drop-off and pick-up times’, with a Neighbourhood Watch newsletter sent to residents.

“Robina Police are working in partnership with schools in the Varsity Lakes area,” it reads.

“Police are seeking assistance from the wider Varsity Lakes community to help make it safer for all children attending school and everyone using the school zones.

• Parking: Please observe time limits where signposted.
• Parking: Please observe “No Standing” and “No Stopping” areas.
• Parking: Please observe yellow “No Stopping” lines.
• Driver behaviour: Double parking (even if driver stays with the vehicle).
• Driver behaviour: Stopping in the street to drop off/pick up students.
• Driver behaviour: Failing to follow direction of crossing controllers.
• Driver behaviour: Stopping on pedestrian crossings to drop off/pick up children.

“Robina Police will continue to patrol school zones at drop-off and pick-up times.

“Please be aware that penalties apply to drivers failing to comply with traffic and parking restrictions.”

But it poses the question: what is happening across the rest of the Gold Coast?