Police still figuring out Gold Coast, Tweed border control measures

There are serious concerns that police resources will be stretched to the limit trying to enforce Queensland’s new border restrictions.

From Friday July 10, the state borders will be reopened to every state except Victoria, meaning that barricades and border checks must stay in place.

The Premier has flagged that anyone coming into the state will be required to sign a border declaration document, which would be attached to the border permits currently in place.


Those declarations are a legally binding document that says those travelling have not been to Victoria within the past 14 days.

If anyone wanting to come into the state had recently been to Victoria, it could mean they’re put into hotel quarantine for two weeks at their own expense.

And if anyone’s found to be falsifying or lying on the declaration, they could face fines of around $4,000 or even jail time.

But, despite being a week out from the changes, Queenslanders are yet to here how the borders will be managed by police, with concerns they’ll now be stretched to the limit having to police everyone coming in, instead of waving some through.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk admitted yesterday that there was still a lot of work to be done on the matter.

“They [border crossers] can fill it out online, but they’ll have to show that when they come in from the airports.

“And they’re just working out now how we can manage it across the southern border between New South Wales and Queensland,” Premier Palaszczuk said.

There’s concerns from those on the southern Gold Coast and northern New South Wales that crossing the border will become even slower, with police having to check everyone for the new border declaration.

We’re being told to expect more details from police specifically about how the border enforcement will be ‘operationalised’.

“They [police] will talk to you further about that, they’re working through further details at the moment.

“What we are trying to do is look at ways in which we can make it a lot easier for those border communities to get to and from the southern end of the Gold Coast,” Premier Palaszczuk said.

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Arrrgghhh, the whole reason I wanted the border open was remove the damn the checkpoints that are costing people hours everyday, not to mention the waste of resources!
Now they are going to make it worse, this is a disaster!
With the border open the number of crossings will be 10 fold, so will the traffic queues!
It will take cross border workers several hours to get home and they only need to go 5km, this is not acceptable!

Thank the people who don’t care, not the government.
The selfish people who still decided to travel overseas, march through the streets, have large group gatherings at home, going to work while ill etc etc.
Want to go into lockdown again? then let everyone in unchecked.
The handouts will end soon and we will be worse off.

2 cops & 2 lanes for 2 groups of people, all with state number plates – the problem shouldn’t be that hard to work out. Every local should not have to line up every time.

Try having 2 lane open for a start – there are usually lots of cops standing around and only 1 checking cars at the choke point – 2 cops, two lane = twice a quick –> less traffic

My husband was literally ‘abused’ yesterday by a policeman at the border crossing at Kirra for not having his G pass sticky taped to the window (the instructions clearly state either stuck to the lower left window OR on the dashboard in front of the passenger!). Please display this pass on your passenger side visor, lower-left windscreen or passenger-side dashboard. DO NOT allow the pass to obscure the driver’s view. His comment was ‘its people like you causing the traffic hold up’. You should know the correct instructions if you are going to do the job.