Police target illegal use of disabled parking bays

POLICE are cracking down on Gold Coasters illegally using disabled parking bays around the city.

Over 1,200 parking infringement notices were issued to Queenslanders last year for the illegal use of disabled parking spots.

Constable Christie May told the ABC some offenders think it is ok to use a disabled spot for a few minutes.


“I’ve got a community telling me, ‘I can’t go to the shops to buy a loaf of bread because someone who is able-bodied has taken up that space’,” she said.

“I had one instance where there were five disabled parking bays, and all were filled, and none of the cars had a permit, so that’s pretty bad.”

Vehicles are required to a valid blue or red permit from the Department of Transport up on the dash in order to use a disability parking zones. The person who owns the permit must actually get in and out of the car at some point.