Police target illicit drugs at Big Day Out

Police are urging revellers attending Sunday’s Big Day Out to use common sense and to be mindful of their personal safety.

Gold Coast District Officer, Acting Chief Superintendent Des Lacy said Gold Coast Police will continue to target illicit drug possession and use at major events including this year’s Big Day Out.

“As with other major events on the Gold Coast, police will be using specialised drug dogs and plain clothes police during a drug detection operation at the Big Day Out this year,” said Officer Lacy.


“Police have been concerned with the number of people caught in possession of drugs at similar events held recently and will continue to target these people to try and limit the harmful effects caused by taking drugs. Some people are still ignoring the risks posed by these drugs – they are illegal and they are dangerous.”

Those caught trying to bring alcohol into the event will be slapped with a fine of $550.

Officer Lacy said they want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe time at Big Day Out.

“Remember that becoming unduly intoxicated puts you at risk of being either an offender or a victim of crime.”

“If you get into a potentially aggressive situation, walk away. We would remind people that one punch can kill.”