Police targeting dangerous drivers on GC roads during school holidays

Queensland police will be deployed on Gold Coast’s major roads as part of their Operation Spring Break, which targets dangerous drivers during the September school holidays.

The operation will run from tomorrow until October 6 and was brought back into action after the shocking death toll during last year’s spring holidays.

Over a thousand people were injured and 13 died during last year’s holiday break.


Acting Deputy Commissioner Bob Gee said police will be focused on cutting down dangerous driving habits.

“We’re targeting some of those most dangerous driving behaviours which we call the Fatal Five, speeding, drink and drug driving, failure to wear a seat belt, fatigue and driving whilst distracted,” he said.

Any Gold Coasters who are planning long journeys for their holidays should consider the whole family.

As well as planning the route to your destination and scheduling breaks, families should making sure young kids are safe and secure.

“Distractions behind the wheel, including phones, can have dire consequences,” Dept Commissioner Gee said.

“We’re asking drivers to focus on the road, even though it can be challenging at times with children in the back seat causing a distraction.”

There’s been a slight increase of fatalities on Queensland’s roads this year,  174 people have died so far, which is two more than last year.

In 2016 Operation Spring Break resulted in over 900 infringement notices for people using their mobile phones and 643 notices for people not wearing a seat belt.