Police targeting illegally modified 4WDs

POLICE are out in force, cracking down on illegally modified four-wheel-drives on the Gold Coast.

It comes after officers from across southeast Queensland converged on the Coast for a three-day training course, learning how to correctly detect illegally modified vehicles.

Following a day of theoretical training, a team of 35 police officers and 10 transport inspectors hit the road on Tuesday and Wednesday to put their knowledge to the test.


Officers staged static and mobile inspection sites right across the city and were seen nabbing drivers in Nerang, Burleigh, Southport and Surfers Paradise.

In a statement, the Queensland Police Service said the three-day training event was “aimed at identifying four-wheel-drives which have been illegally modified”.

Police said modifications such as raised body heights, altered suspension and over-sized wheels compromised the stability of the vehicle and its ability to brake effectively, subsequently endangering the lives of everyone on the road.

Officers will be out in force across the Coast over the next few weeks, targeting all illegal vehicles.

Drivers caught with a defected vehicle face being hit with hefty fines and having their ride impounded.

A video on the 7 News Gold Coast Facebook Page went viral overnight, pulling in more than a million views in a matter of hours and attracting thousands of comments from angered 4WD owners.

Brendan Dawson has been driving his raised 4WD for five years. Yesterday, it was deemed illegal and defected.

He received a defective vehicle repair notice and two infringement notices in relation to it not being approved.

“I’ve been driving around for five years now and I’ve never had a problem or felt that it was unsafe,” he said.

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