Police threaten to fine Gold Coast beachgoers flouting virus rules

Police are warning people they will start dishing out fines for breaching social distancing rules on Gold Coast beaches if people continue to flout the rules.

While there’s been a noticeable drop in people at beaches, and less evidence of people gathering in large groups, a small number of people continue to sunbathe on the beach.

There’s been mass confusion about what people can and can’t do, but Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young explicitly ruled sunbathing out.


She says exercising on the beach was fine as long as there’s no more than two people, but lying in the sun was not.

“So to go for a walk, or a run, but not to go and sun bake on the local beach, that’s not exercise,” Dr Young said on Wednesday.

Surfing and swimming is also allowed.

Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler says they hope beachgoers will do the right thing and will talk to people first, but they’re prepared to take strong action if they don’t.

“We want to communicate with the community, we want them to do this of their own volition,” Chief Superintendent Wheeler said.

“But, at the end of the day, we have to make sure compliance occurs and unfortunately to get people to comply, if that means issuing infringement notices, that’s the level we will get to.”

The fine for breaching social distancing rules in $1334.

Sunbathers at Kurrawa Beach on Thursday morning. PHOTO: Marcus Greig

“It’s not something we want to do, but if we have to change people’s behaviour by using that method we will,” Chief Superintendent Wheeler said.

“The reality is, if you’re outside and one of the essential reasons to be outside is to go and exercise.

“People who are laying on on the beach all day sun baking, that is not exercise.”

The Mayor and the Premier have repeatedly warned people that they would close beaches if they continued to break the rules.

“Going to the beach with all of your mates is not on,” the Premier told The Today Show on Thursday morning.

“We’ve seen strong action about this in Victoria and New South Wales and I tell you what, mayors will not hesitate to take that strong action in Queensland as well, so final warning everyone.”

Sunbathers at Kurrawa Beach on Thursday morning. PHOTO: Marcus Greig


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It is not ‘laying on the beach!!’ It is ‘lying on the beach.’

Omg really ?? Even covid19 can’t shut up the a*** retentive spelling police.

‘Lay’ is a verb and past tense and past participle is ‘laid.’ This use of lay as in a horizontal position is dialect or incorrect in standard English. Reference Oxford English Reference Dictionary.

For Wendy – Love your work. Please join us in the fight to maintain correct spelling and grammar on Facebook and online platforms – The Queen’s English –

Can be both

Is having your personal trainer come over and train you in Boxercising considered Social distancing – I’m confidant Muhammed Ali didn’t have a reach of 1.5metres – this happened in our unit block yesterday by the Secretary of our Body Corporate the day after she/they closed the gym…..

You should take a photo of her training and report her

I have the photo and i have reported her to health qld ???? still waiting

From what I understand you are still allowed to have one visitor to visit one person at home also u can have people running/training together in pairs.even if people do cross the line a bit let them know rather than dobbing them in.we shouldn’t become a nation of dobbers and faultfinders.it causes an unfriendly suspicious society.
I would rather warn someone so they don’t get a fine.and if I was ever in the wrong I’d like the same done for me.

Shawn – Tried that she laughed in our face – she’s a selfish b**** and deserves everything she gets – perhaps Shawn if a family member of yours got sick and nearly died you would ‘man up’ and treat this behavior for what it is – Dobbers I think not, CIVIC Responsibility YES!

It’s ok to sit on a bus or go to the supermarket, riddled with germs, but laying on the beach in the fresh air isn’t allowed?! This is crazy. The beaches have had people on them and keeping their distance, I don’t see a problem? Am I missing something??

I agree I find a couple of hours lying in the sun on my own is my way of destressing I think this is ridiculous we can’t do it as it’s definitely social distancing you just need to pick your spot it’s good for mental health

No you certainly are not. It’s ridiculous.

Bloody spot on I’d rather be lying on the sand than in Coles or woolies sure keep it to 2 people like everything else but catching some vitamin d and being in the sun is exactly what kills this virus look it up anywhere I don’t know what they’re doing

I’d have to agree with you Tania.if people can do this and still maintain the social distancing rule it should be allowed .I guess they just want people to go for there swim,run,surf etc and then head home.sunbaking should be kept to minimum anyway so we don’t get skin cancer.

I agree, this is more about taking away your rights as a human being, and them gaining control, over what you can and can not do, or buy, sell, this is ridiculous,and people should still go to the beach, and sunbath, Also people research virus, you can not catch a virus,

Sanctus, grab your drum, pick up your gun, go out in the street, go apes***. Let the world know what you have done to earn the right to tell everyone why you are very special and intelligent, ignore the thousand of coffins on the way to the furnaces shown throughout the world daily. Let us all know what a f***ing real dingbat you really are. Enjoy your trip down memory lane. When you meet the rest of your mad mates on the way to the crematorium apologise to those you passed the. Virus on to

Mate, I wouldn’t be travelling on a bus if I were you. Supermarket? No choice, we have to go. Just stay home to avoid becoming the next Italy or Spain.

Yes David. It is the law of common sense defeated by the law of ignorance. Social distancing rules should be adequate. We have seen this creep into society particularly over the past 20 years. Eg. Our local school has inadequate parking outside of staff parking. As this is a safety issue they put up no parking signs close to the school..so an additional problem has been created being that children have more exposure to dangers associated with traffic. Safety is clearly NOT an issue but they tell us it is …as what they say must be true.

I agree. I am totally confused as to why Bunnings and Shopping outlets are still open. I have sent a direct question to the Premier as this is wrong.

It’s an essential service! There’s nothing wrong with that. Just stay home ffs

If one person is allowed to lay on the beach then other people will come and do the same. Next thing u know you have large groups of people. This is what we are all trying to avoid.

Huge amounts of people are using the walking tracks. If you are 5 meters from anyone on the beach how exactly could you catch it? Mental health, relaxing, Vitamin D are all just as important as exercise.You cant even go for a drive in your car with your husband – how is that putting you at risk. You can pay for petrol by app from your car seat.

Totally agree definately good for mental health their are more people walking on the Gold coast beaches so to lay up on the hills on the beach is no different especially when I’m on my OWN does more good than bad

I can’t say I’ve ever gone and laid on the beach and had a whole crowd come and lay next to me, but then again maybe I’m not as popular as you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well there’s nothing else to do right now other than going to the beach, so you could imagine the amount of people that would turn up to the beach to relax like you.

They just want everyone to stay at home and everyone is thinking oh well I will go have some fun at the beach. It’s not a fun time unfortunately atm. Yes for a quick swim or walk that’s it. We all have lost something that we love doing.

Don’t be a f***en Muppet

Just follow the rules why do u have to be different and act like ur invisible and can do whatever the f u want. You dont own Australia!!!

Sorry! Just a bit frustrated atm. Just getting heaps of beach invites and I’m just like ahh people are not getting it!!

Let’s all go for a swim tomorrow

Really people !!!!
Why are we so worried atm about beach and sunbaking…
People are dying and we are entering a health pandemic ???
Seriously just stay home and do as asked for now until this passes.
It is not rocket science how difficult is it to follow instructions for the benefit of all of us for now??????

Why are we so concerned about going to the beach,Mel?
Yes people are dying from covid 19 but in the meantime we have to build up our immune system and stay healthy so we don’t get sick as well.saltwater and sunshine therapy is a healthy thing and it will also destroy viruses too.

Why the hell can’t people do the right thing. Seriously, they are talking about closing the beaches!! Pull your head in all the people sunbathing and flouting the rules. You are punishing the rest of us who are doing the right thing. Also about 8 groups of people having a picnic on Burleigh hill last evening. Are these people thick, or just don’t care?!

Still wonder why it takes the Queensland government so long to make decisions on rules and enforcement and why the fine is $1334 and not $1334.65.

Why does lying alone or with your spouse on the beach pose a health concern provided social distancing is adhered to. Why is exercising considered to be okay but relaxing/destressing in the sun and fresh air by laying on the beach not?

Because if you do it then everyone else would too. You can’t just stay at home like everyone else?

This is all about crazy manipulative control! Look at alternative news people! We are being controlled. That’s what they want. This is not a pandemic! Are people dropping like flies? NO! Watch ‘amazing polly’ on you tube. It’s all an experiment and those who have no brain or discernment and who don’t research are being fooled to the extreme! Research, research!’

I have no words for how ignorant you are. There are 1.1 million confirmed cases and over 60 thousand people have died worldwide. Because of Australia’s excellent response, the numbers here are much lower. If we listened to muppets like you, the situation in Australia would be much worse.

I am afraid that they are too far gone in their brainwasheads, to even see the truth, If only they researched themselves they would see, that you cannot catch a virus at all, and you are correct, this is about control, and id’s and much much more, let the 5g frazzel out the rest of their brain cell,

lol Stop watching YouTube videos and actually do your “own” research fs

Lol get the tin foil hat out. #omgflatearther

Ever heard of vitamin D. Damn Muppets. Fresh air and sunshine are essential for building and maintaining a healthy immune system. If sunbathers are observing social distancing leave them alone.

Can’t you just sit in your backyard or on your terrace and get fresh air and vitamin d…….

Are you stupid? You know the sun doesn’t just shine at the beach right? Let’s just all go to the beach and sunbathe lol.

Can my husband go fishing on his own

A person sunbaking occupiers an individual who is less likely to break the actual purpose of isolation that is spreading the disease. The sunbaker is otherwise free to head off to the shops hairdressers or liquor store..and increase their chances of interacting with the virus. These laws while well intended lack common sense.

“We make the rules, u listen or else”
Actually what they’re saying so better listen.
(Yes I do disagree but hate giving ‘my’ servants more money to make more rules to take more of my money)

Ok, so if I’m doing my exercises on the beach like push ups or planking, and in between sets I lay on the sand, how long do I have in between sets resting before it’s classed as sun baking?

It should be ok but it’s all because of the big Bondi gathering recently that is causing these laws to take place.otherwise it would still be ok.

You can go to work on a construction with multiple trades people that cross each other’s pass all day,but lying on the beach doesn’t cut it…?……wtf

I fail to see how laying on the beach in isolation is a risk but understand the numbers.

How the police start fining people for not keeping left on footpaths. Unless we do it’s impossible to stay the distance at all times.

IS fishing allowed

Fishing is class as a sport.

Are we allowed to walk our dogs in a pair as long as we stay 1.5 meters away from other people?


So this obviously not applying to surfers paradise beaches this morn April 20th