Police to crack down on hoons after new laws given green light

Drivers taking part in mass hoon gatherings across Queensland, including those on the Gold Coast, will be further targeted after new anti-hoon powers passed in State Parliament.

Police Minister Mark Ryan said the amendments to legislation will “turn the table” on hoons and support police in enforcing action against those involved.

“As a result of these new laws, Police are now equipped with powers which will enable them to serve notices on the owner of a vehicle involved in hooning offences,” Minister Ryan said.


“This means if the owner of a vehicle claims they weren’t driving at the time of the offence, it will be up to them to prove it.”

Following recent mass hoon gatherings on the Gold Coast, police have been using high-tech camera technology along with the traffic monitoring CCTV network to target drivers taking part.

“Police are already capturing hooning incidents on new high quality cameras and meticulously reviewing the footage to identify drivers involved and take strong enforcement action,” Minister Ryan said.

“The new laws are a game-changer for police, providing greater flexibility for officers to go after each and every vehicle taking part in illegal hoon events.”

Minister Ryan said offenders will “no longer be able to avoid prosecution by simply masking their identities and denying they had been behind the wheel”.

“Illegal mass hoon gatherings are a disaster waiting to happen and the State Government makes no apologies for Queensland maintaining its strongest stance on hooning in the country.”

Assistant Commissioner of Road Policing and Regional Support Command Ben Marcus said the hoon meets across the city over the past few weekends proves “just how dangerous” hooning activities can become.

“The outrageous and despicable acts of hoons have been on display recently where they have not only endangered their own lives and others but they have turned violent on police and media,” Assistant Commissioner Marcus said.

“The community does not accept their reckless antics and police will certainly not tolerate anti-social and dangerous hooning behaviour in our neighbourhoods.”

More than 200 infringement notices have been issued and 12 charges for serious offences have been laid as part of a new anti-hooning operation launched on the Gold Coast last month.

Nine cars have also been impounded.

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Long Overdue! ➡️

Great news. Get them behind bars as soon as possible.

Good news. What gets me these hoons are not car or Motorsport enthusiasts, they are simply low level criminals terrorising the suburbs in drop kick rust buckets. Give real rev heads a bad name. Crush all their bombs as well.


Hooray, clamp down on these idiots and their backfiring cars also which are so loud you would think they are gun shots. Surely they are illegal.

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