Police to deploy additional officers to monitor easing restrictions, Gold Coast

Queensland Police will be beefing up their presence on the Gold Coast this weekend, as coronavirus restrictions begin to ease.

From midnight Friday, Queenslanders will be allowed to go for a picnic, visit a national park, and go recreational fishing or boating.

However, only members of a house hold are able to be together outside of the home, or if you live alone you can only be out with one other person.


Social distancing measures must still be followed at all times.

It’s due to the consistently low numbers of new cases diagnosed across the state, proving that we’ve done a great job of ‘flattening the curve’.

Though officials don’t want all our hard work to go to waste, and will increase the amount of officers out and about, making sure that no one flaunts the new rules.

140 additional officers will be deployed across the Gold Coast and Brisbane, targeting gathering hot spots.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll says the easing restrictions may seem like a small step, but to police, it’s a big one.

“What we are doing this weekend, we do have a police operation where we do have an additional 140 police officers out there to make sure that the public is abiding by all the restrictions.

“Please ensure that, although there is an easing, there are still conditions that do apply here.

“There is the social distancing rule, as well as the 50 kilometre radius, as well as the fact that it has to be with people of your own household or one other person,” Commissioner Carroll said.

State Disastor Coordinator Steve Gollschewski says they’ll be targeting certain areas.

“You will see additional police out this weekend (sic) on Gold Coast and in Brisbane so 140, but that’s in addition to the normal police who are out as well.

“And those officers will be concentrating on the areas where we know people gather in large groups, think South Bank, New Farm Park, Surfers Paradise, those sorts of places.

“You can expect to see police officers there ensuring you’re doing the right thing. We do not want to see large congregations in any areas,” Mr Gollschewski said.

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I don’t really think Police know what they are doing at the moment.
Ask any Gold Coast residents as well. They still don’t know what the rules are?