Police to launch new hi-tech crackdown on ‘idiot’ hoons

Hoons have been put on notice with Police to be armed with new technology to crack down on dangerous drivers terrorising Gold Coast streets.

High-tech night vision cameras will soon be rolled out as part of the fight, which can be operated by hand or launched via drone.

The State Government will also look at changing laws so that the onus of proof is back on the vehicle owner.


The owner of a car caught hooning will have to prove to Police that it wasn’t them behind the wheel.

Police Minister Mark Ryan says it will give officers greater flexibility.

“For example, if dozens of cars were hooning in a particular location, police would be able to use these new hi-tech cameras to capture images of all the vehicles.

“The high-resolution images would allow police to identify each vehicle, and then proceed to take action against the registered owner, unless the owner could demonstrate they weren’t driving at the time.

“There’s no apology for targeting these reckless drivers.

“They are purely and simply idiots – who are doing the wrong thing and risking the lives of others,” Minister Ryan said.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll says the new technology and changes to legislation are a game changer.

“Hooning as we know is an issue in the community that affects many of us and frankly so many of our communities are sick of it,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“It’s not only a danger to those hoons, but most importantly, it’s a danger to the people in our community.”

But the State Opposition has accused the Government of a ‘half-baked rip’off’ of its plan to tackle hoons.

The LNP announced in June plans for 100 covert cameras in hoon hotspots, new laws to crackdown on hoon gangs and tyre-shredding road surfaces.

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government is simply playing catch up after five years of failing to get hoons off our streets,” Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington said.

“It’s too little too late. Labor is soft on hoons, just like they’re soft on young offenders, bikies and other thugs.

“Labor has failed on crime and hooning for over five years.”