Police use tough new search powers to identify and shut down bikie clubhouse

POLICE have, for the first time, used tough new anti-gang powers to raid and shut down an alleged bikie clubhouse in Brisbane.

Officers from Taskforce Maxima raided the industrial shed-turned clubhouse in Lawnton, in Brisbane’s north, on Friday night.

Police allege the Gympie Road property, which was supposed to have been used for car repairs, was instead being used as a clubhouse for the Rebels motorcycle gang.


Officers used tough new powers passed by the Palaszczuk Government last year to search the property for prohibited items relating to ‘disorderly activities’, such as liquor, drugs, firearms, drinking glasses and entertainment systems.

Police said 10 people, including nine patched members of the Rebels Brisbane Chapter and one of their sons, were inside the shed when officers showed up around 7.40pm.

Two of them were allegedly wearing Rebels vests.

The nine members were given official consorting warnings and served Public Safety Orders under the Peace and Good Behaviour Act, with police declaring the group “a serous risk to public safety and security”.

During a search of the Gympie Road shed, described by police as an “emerging clubhouse”, officers seized a stack of items including Rebels paraphernalia such as flags, vests and belts as well a large amount of liquor and a cash register.

A pool table, entertainment system, lighting and band equipment were also seized.

Police will use the evidence to apply to have the property declared a restricted premises in the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

The Organised Crime Gangs Group’s Operations Commander, Detective Superintendent Roger Lowe said Taskforce Maxima would continue to target bikies right across the state.

“Let this be a warning to any and all OMCG members across Queensland that we will not hesitate to use every legal mechanism available to us to dismantle and disrupt organised crime gangs operating in this state,” Detective Superintendent Lowe said.

“This may be the first time we have used these new powers, but it will not be the last.

“We will not tolerate OMCG members consorting or using a premises for criminal activity and will continue to target this kind of behaviour not just in Brisbane, but right across the state.”