Police vow to track down hoons over dangerous stunt on M1

Police have slammed the actions of a group of hoons who filmed themselves doing dangerous stunts on the M1 at Yatala.

The group, calling themselves the 187 Cartel, posted footage on social media of a member doing burnouts and fishtails in the middle of the motorway on Saturday night.

It’s one of a number of stunts the group has posted on social media but their latest act has Police very concerned.


It’s understood the group were doing a run from Ipswich to the Gold Coast on the weekend.

Police Minister Mark Ryan has vowed to track the hoons down.

“It’s disgusting behaviour and these idiots need to be pulled into line,” Mr Ryan said.

“Unfortunately you cant legislate against stupidity but we can throw the book at them.”

Shadow Police Minister Trevor Watt says it’s shocking behaviour

“It’s completely unbelievable that someone would be so stupid to do this on a public highway, a place I drive with my family in the car and so do many other Queenslanders,” Mr Watt said.