Police wage war on drug dealers at GC600

Police have stepped up their search for any sign of drugs at the GC600 on Saturday and Sunday, after an overdose victim died.

Victorian footballer Riki Stephens had his life support machine switched off on Friday, not quite a week after he took a cocktail of substances including what’s known as an N Bomb.

Superintendent Michelle Stenner said Drug Detection dogs will be patrolling the Surfers motoring event as they do every year.


She hopes their presence sends a message to people that are coming to the “Gold Coast for the GC600, or even schoolies that are coming up, that we will use every resource at our availability to track down and locate these drugs, any drugs, and we will take action”.

Superintendent Stenner added “come here and have a safe and enjoyable time on the Gold Coast, whether that be for the GC600 or the schoolies event that’s coming up later in November”.

“They’re great crowds, great people that want to come here and enjoy the race for what it is.

She finished with a stern message for revellers “if there’s any message I can give it’s please don’t take any substances, don’t think that you know what you’re taking because you don’t”.