Police warn of potential traffic disruptions due to planned protests in Sydney CBD

Police are warning motorists, residents and visitors to the Sydney CBD of possible traffic disruptions as a result of planned protests this weekend.

The protests are scheduled to take place in the Sydney CBD on Sunday morning (19 July 2015).

The first demonstration is expected to begin around 10am in Martin Place between Macquarie and Phillip Streets; while the second protest is scheduled to start around 10.30am.


There are no scheduled road closures; however, police may close nearby roadways if necessary, including sections of Phillip and Macquarie Streets.

Motorists are urged to take extra care when travelling through the area due to increased pedestrian numbers.

A police operation, comprising officers from the Central Metropolitan Region and specialist units, will be in place to ensure the protests are carried out lawfully and to minimise any potential disruption to the wider community.

Officers have been working with rally organisers to ensure demonstrations are conducted in a safe and peaceful manner, while also abiding by the law.

Operation Commander, Assistant Commissioner Alan Clarke, said police are focused on enforcing the law and ensuring the safety of participants, local residents and visitors in the CBD.

“While we respect the right of individuals and groups to protest; we remind those involved that they must do so peacefully and in compliance with the law,” Assistant Commissioner Clarke said.

“We will not tolerate any criminal, anti-social or dangerous behaviour; if you choose to do the wrong thing you’ll be removed and dealt with appropriately.

“The same goes for anyone who attempts to cause disharmony or incite conflict with those who may hold opposing views,” Assistant Commissioner Clarke said.

“There will be additional officers deployed in the CBD to ensure the rallies are carried out lawfully and to allow the broader community to go about their day with minimal disruption.

“Police will respond swiftly to violent or disruptive behaviour, or any action that poses a threat to community safety.

“If you are caught acting unlawfully, you can expect to be arrested and you may very well face further police action,” Assistant Commissioner Clarke said.