Police warning ahead of Aus Day celebrations on Gold Coast

Police will be out in force tomorrow as the Gold Coast turns out to celebrate Australia Day.

Thousands of people are expected to mark the day at beaches and in parks across the city.

Extra officers will be deployed across the Gold Coast targeting anti-social behaviour and public drinking.


“We want to intervene in any potential issues before they occur, so that’s the position that Gold Coast Police will be taking,” Acting Superintendent Scott Knowles said.

“We’ll certainly have significantly more Police than we usually do to police these sorts of events on Australia Day.

“Enjoy the day, enjoy the festivities enjoy the celebrations., but do so responsibly.”

Police say while all areas of the Gold Coast will be patrolled, there will an extra focus on several popular spots.

“I’d like to warn those people that go to the known trouble spots like Burleigh Hill and Wave Break Island, we’ll have high numbers of Police in those sorts of areas.

“We’ll certainly be policing The Spit, it’s obviously somewhere where a lot of people go to celebrate Australia Day, they’ll have picnics, they’ll have events and that sort of thing.”

Motorists are also being urged to be patient with thousands expected to flock to the Coast tomorrow, while a significant number of people will also be returning from holidays.

Officers will be keeping a close eye on the M1 in particular.

“I’ve no doubt the roads will be busy on the route to the Gold Coast from north and south. Be patient, don’t speed and make sure you don’t drink and drive.”

Police are also reminding people to maintain social distancing and be mindful of current COVID restrictions.

“The way the restrictions are at the moment there’s a limit of 50 people in an indoor environment and 100 people in those sorts of outdoor environments so Police will be policing those sorts of restrictions as well.”

Acting Superintendent Knowles says they will door knock homes if they receive information about potential breaches of COVID restrictions.

The Gold Coast is in for a perfect day for the beach or a barbecue.

Apart from the slight chance of an early morning shower, Australia Day will be partly and 29 with increasing sunshine in the afternoon.

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