Police warning to Coast venues reopening this weekend

Police will conduct random checks of venues across the Gold Coast this weekend to ensure they’re complying with coronavirus restrictions.

Restaurants and cafes across the Gold Coast are preparing to reopen from tomorrow with stage one of the recovery plan allowing up to 10 people dining-in.

Venues will still have to comply with the one person per four square metre rule and diners will have to keep 1.5 metres apart.


Despite the limit on the number of diners, dozens of restaurants, cafes and bars plan to swing open their doors again after weeks of hibernation.

But Police have warned them not to overstep the mark.

“Ultimately, the management of the venues is up to the operator, we’ll work with those people, we’ll work with those people who are there dining but what we ask is that they comply with the rules,” Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler said.

“If we see blatant disregard for the rules, we can and will take enforcement action.”

Individuals breaking the rules face fines of $1334 while a business faces a fine of more than $6500.

Chief Superintendent Wheeler says officers will be conducting random compliance checks at venues across the Gold Coast.

“Where we see a venue that is clearly breaching its capacity, breaching the ten person rule we will go and engage with the proprietor or manager, we’ll engage with the people in that venue and we will try and do this through communication.

“But again, where the rules are blatantly or recklessly being disregarded we’ll take enforcement action.”

Police will also continue patrols of popular parts of the Coast with larger crowds expected at hotspots this weekend.

Queenslanders will be allowed to travel up to 150kms within the State for recreation, with officials expecting plenty of people to descend on the Gold Coast.

“We know historically where people will be and we’ll target our patrols in those areas.

“What we found over the Easter and indeed the Mother’s Day weekend, we did see groups congregating around Burleigh Hill and a number of our parklands, also out in the hinterland and of course our shopping centres, our major shopping centres there were lots of people.

Chief Superintendent Wheeler is urging people to use commonsense this weekend.

“Our message is really clear on this – if you turn up to a venue or to an area where there are lots of people, get in your car and go somewhere else.”

Households will also be able to have gatherings of up to five people from this weekend while gatherings of up to 10 people will be allowed outside.

But Police have warned people not to use that as a green light for holding large parties, and say they’ll also be cracking down on people illegally drinking in parks.


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