Police wrap up excavation in search for clues around Novy case

6:00PM UPDATE: Police have stopped digging up the backyard of a Mount Nathan home as they don’t believe there are any more components of the particular Ute they’ve been looking for buried on the property.

Darren Curtis from Channel Nine says detectives had been searching for the tray and a passenger cabin of an F100 Ute but had only found parts of the vehicle.

To wind up the search on Thursday afternoon, investigators brought in a ‘ground penetrating radar’ which sent signals around five metres deep through the clay.


No further metallic objects were detected.

The property is now being handed back to its owner.

After receiving fresh information relating to the case earlier this week, police began excavating the Eden Park Court home on Tuesday night in hope of unearthing a breakthrough in the case surrounding the disappearance of missing Upper Coomera mother, Novy Chardon.

EARLIER: There are reports police may have found parts of the white utility they thought to be buried in a hinterland backyard they are currently excavating.

Network Ten has reported that police have found aluminum parts and the cabin of a white ute while excavating the backyard of a Mount Nathan home in search of clues surrounding the disappearance of missing Upper Coomera mother, Novy Chardon.

It’s understood the home owner directed police to them. Police are now in the process of digging up the items.

It’s was believed the utility could hold key evidence that could help solve case.

The Courier Mail reports the police came across the parts of the ute buried four metres underground.

It’s believed the vehicle is the same make and model as a Ford F100 vehicle seen in the area where Mrs Chardon’s abandoned car was found shortly after her disappearance.

Detective Superintendent David Hutchinson told reports on Wednesday that police were acting on information that a vehicle was buried in the yard, not information that Mrs Chardon was buried in the yard.

THURSDAY MORNING: Police are continuing to excavate the yard of a Mount Nathan home today, as they play down expectations of finding the body of Novy Chardon.

The mother of two disappeared 13-months ago, on the same day she visited a solicitor regarding divorce proceedings.

After receiving fresh information relating to the case this week, police began excavating the Eden Park Court home on Tuesday night.

Police initially suspected a white ute might be buried in the yard, with Mrs Chardon’s body entombed inside.

However, after digging for more than 12 hours over two days, officers have only managed to retrieve some car body parts believed to belong to several stolen vehicles.

Last night Senior Sergeant Mark Proctor told the Bulletin the car parts would be forensically tested.

“We’ve pretty much dug up the whole backyard now,” he said.

“In different stages we’ve found remnants of a 4wd motor vehicle — pretty much the entire vehicle — and we’re continuing looking for any other vehicles.

“We were looking for a white vehicle and obviously this one’s black, however it may prove to be the vehicle were after.”

Police said the man who lives at the property is an acquaintance of John Chardon, Novy Chardon’s husband.

Speaking to media on Wednesday morning, Detective Superintendent David Hutchinson said police were acting on information from neighbours that a vehicle is buried in the yard, not information that Mrs Chardon is buried in the yard.

“Well obviously it’s an unusual thing to bury a car in a backyard,” he said.

“We believe we know the reason why the vehicle was buried there, but we obviously need to excavate the land and recover the vehicle to confirm the exact situation.

“We don’t have any information at this time that Novy Chardon is buried there.

“I think burying a utility in the backyard, by itself, raises suspicions so you would have to wonder why they would do that. We understand, we believe, why that occurred, but we want to recover the vehicle first to substantiate things.

“But if you’re going to bury it in the back yard, you probably wouldn’t do it at night.”

Novy Chardon search

Police bring an excavator to the Mt Nathan home to dig up sections of the back yard. PICTURE: Darren Curtis from Channel Nine News.

The Gold Coast’s Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) remain on scene and a crime scene was established on Tuesday afternoon.

PICTURE: Alex Bernhardt

Gold Coast Criminal Investigation Branch on scene of the Mount Nathan property on Tuesday night. PICTURE: Alex Bernhardt

Investigators have been treating the mother of two’s disappearance as a potential murder case for some time, previously telling reporters that “more than one person was involved in causing her death and disposing of the body”.

There has been no sign of the 34-year-old since she disappeared from her Upper Coomera home just over a year ago.

It’s understood Mrs Chardon visited her Gold Coast solicitor earlier on February 6 with a friend to discuss her divorce from Mr Chardon, who is 31 years her senior.

Mr Chardon claims the decision to divorce was a mutual one, following 11 years of marriage.

At around 9pm that night, CCTV cameras captured the last images of Mrs Chardon at the BP service station near Days Road, Upper Coomera, refuelling her car and ordering food, wearing red shorts and a grey shirt.

Novy Chardon

CCTV cameras capture the last images of Mrs Chardon at a BP service station in Upper Coomera around 9pm on February 6, 2013.

According to her husband, she arrived home between 10.30pm and 11pm. Mr Chardon says he woke about 7am on Thursday February 7 to find his wife missing.

At 8.45am, he booked flights for his two children to join him on a pre-planned business trip to Indonesia. “I couldn’t find her. I couldn’t leave them home alone,” he told Fairfax Media.

The next day, he boarded a plane for Indonesia with his daughter and son.

It was a friend of Mrs Chardon’s from Sydney who reported her missing on Saturday, February 8.

BREAKTHROUGH: Police dig up Gold Coast yard in search for Novy Chardon

BREAKTHROUGH: Police dig up a hinterland backyard in search for missing Upper Coomera mother of two, Novy Chardon

Three days later, on February 11, Mrs Chardon’s car was located abandoned near Nerang railway station.

No arrests have been made, although police have previously confirmed Mr Chardon was a person of interest in the case.

Unrelated to the disappearance of his wife, Mr Chardon is facing eight historical charges of sexual crimes against children, alleged to have occurred between 1998 and 1999.

The AAP reports the charges included three counts of rape, four counts of indecent treatment of a child under 16 and one count of indecent treatment of a child under 16 in care.