Police wrap up massive South-East Queensland drug bust

More than $20.6 million worth of drugs have been seized over the past six months as part of an operation run by Queensland Police, the Australian Crime Commission and Border Force.

Operation North Genie saw officers execue 33 search warrants and locate 20 properties which were being used to grow hydroponic cannabis.

As of 5pm on Thursday, 41 people have been arrested on 114 charges. The drugs that were seized as part of the operation, include over 3,800 hydroponic cannabis plants, over 100 bush cannabis plants, approximately 46kg of dry cannabis and an amount of cocaine.


In addition to the drugs seized, there was also over $2,200,000 in property recovered by police, including over $800,000 in cash.

Seven of the 41 people arrested were charged with trafficking, with four charged under Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) laws.

A number of other searches over the past six months have also been linked to Operation North Genie.