Politicians and businesses panic over Queensland border closures

The Gold Coast’s Federal and State LNP Members of Parliament have united, calling for the Premier to set a definite date for the borders to reopen.

The July 10 reopening date had been set in our state’s roadmap to recovery, but has been thrown into doubt with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk once suggesting a September date would be way more likely.

After pressure from the Prime Minister a couple of weeks ago, the state government was forced to confirm the July 10 date again.


But it’s since come into doubt once more, since community transmission cases in Victoria spiked.

Tourism businesses are becoming nervous that the Premier will keep the borders shut until the southern state can get a handle on things.

Queensland Airport’s is even putting forward a proposal, in a bid to make sure the borders aren’t kept closed.

They’re suggesting Victorian travellers be forced into a two-week quarantine if they head up here. They’ll also filter Melbourne passengers through a different part of the airport.

While, LNP members and candidates have today joined forces calling for a definite date so that businesses aren’t left in the dark.

“We need Australians planning their visits to the Gold Coast now. We need bookings in the bank so hotels can plan to reopen, restaurants can employ staff and theme parks can forecast visits,” the joint statement reads.

“Most Australians have demonstrated they can live in a COVIDSafe environment. Gold Coast business and employees can demonstrate they can operate in a COVIDSafe environment. We need the Gold Coast to be open in a COVIDSafe environment.

“Without certainty on reopening the Gold Coast, we’ll lose our businesses and the jobs that come with them.

“To save the Gold Coast, we need a save the date from the Palaszczuk Labor Government,” it reads.

Federal Members of Parliament

Karen Andrews, Member for McPherson

Angie Bell, Member for Moncrieff

Stuart Robert, Member for Fadden

Bert van Manen, Member for Forde

State Members of Parliament

Ros Bates, Member for Mudgeereba

Mark Boothman, Member for Theodore

Michael Crandon, Member for Coomera

David Crisafulli, Member for Broadwater

Laura Gerber, Member for Currumbin

Michael Hart, Member for Burleigh

John-Paul Langbroek, Member for Surfers Paradise

Rob Molhoek, Member for Southport

Sam O’Connor, Member for Bonney

Ray Stevens, Member for Mermaid Beach

LNP Candidates for 2020 QLD State Election

Kirsten Jackson, LNP Candidate for Gaven

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Nope, keep it shut off, we don’t want Southerners contaminating Qld now that those bloody protest rallies down there have seemingly facilitated a huge spike in covid 19 cases. To allow southerners in now would be akin to consensual death or serious illness. DON’T BE STUPID.

You are obviously not involved in the Tourist Industry.

The rallies in Melbourne did not cause the spike. Only 4 cases came from the rallies. It’s the bogans in the ‘burbs that have cause the spike.

The human race has been around for about 300.000 years perhaps longer and has any virus extinct us yet ? We have an attention span of 7 seconds compared to the 1950’s where we had on average attention span of 7 minutes the unthinking majority isolate them self from self education and real knowledge
How about instead of people protesting about black lives matter they protest about freedom ????????

Yep, much better to kill a few oldies than have have people lose a bit of money.

Keep the border closed until there are no cases down south
We have people waiting to come up for holidays but even they agree not to come as we are all oldies
Perhaps if any out of state people were to go into quarantine in their own state then get a medical health certificate maybe I would gamble with my own life.

For a start there are 242,061 knows diabetics in Queensland. Diabetics are 10 times more likely to die if thwe aey contract the virus. Then there are those, from young children to middle aged adults living with cystic fybrosis, for whom death is a certainty if they catch the virus. Add to that, those of all ages with heart, lung, or other underlying health problems. People need to take their heads out of the sand and and watch the news from overseas, not the self congratulatory piffle we hear every day on the news, and which only serves to make people believe they can do what they want now. For example, a few days ago, a 13 day old baby with no health problems in the UK, and sadly not the first child to die. To add to this some children who contract the virus and recover have been found to develop serious heart problems. The heart doesn’t pump as efficiently as it should and appears to be the result of a child’s immune system going into overdrive after a COVID-19 infection. Why is none of this being reported here? Yet open our borders and risk bringing the virus in again? What sort of nation have we become when we put finance before the lives of innocent people of all ages? Of course we all want the borders open again, but not until we have eliminated the risk of death being brought in by people from other states and countries those who think the rules don’t apply to them.