Politicians at odds over unvaccinated tennis players

The Victorian Premier has hit out at the Prime Minister for allowing unvaccinated Australians to come into the country for the Australian Open in summer.

There’s been concerns that unvaccinated players, or those such as World Number 1 Novak Djokovic who won’t declare his vaccination status, won’t be allowed in for the grand slam in a few months time.

It was initially understood that unvaccinated players would not be allowed due to the fact that crowd members would have to be fully vaccinated to attend.


Tennis Australia was still in conversations with the Victorian government, before the Prime Minister intervened on breakfast television this morning.

Scott Morrison told The Today Show that unvaccinated players would be granted an exemption to come into the country, provided they quarantined.

“If there is a special exemption that is warranted for an economic reason like that (The Australian Open), well that can happen,” Mr Morrison said.

“But you’ve got to follow the health exemptions in that state, and two weeks quarantine for unvaccinated people, well that’s sensible.”

However, that response hasn’t sat well with the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, who’s now declared that the state of Victoria will not be seeking such exemptions for players.

“We’re locking people who are unvaccinated out of pubs, cafes, restaurants and the G, all sort of other events.

“The only thing fair thing to do is to be very clear with every Victorian, my government will not be applying for any exemption for any unvaccinated player,” Premier Andrews said this morning.

Tennis Australia is still yet to comment on the development.