Politicians come with no guarantee

WHAT costs millions of dollars, does not have a warranty or cooling off period and does not provide compensation if a faulty part causes death and destruction?


Another hint: The quality is notoriously inconsistent, there is little choice in brands, the model is outdated and rarely does the job it’s designed for but most people have given up complaining about the shoddy service.


Answer: Governments.

If we bought a car that broke down after only a couple of months we’d get it fixed for free.

If we changed our minds after buying a house, we’d have the cooling off period to fall back on.

Yet invest in a faulty government or council and we’re stuck with it.

We need a cooling off period folks!

Let’s face it, some of the politicians in the Queensland Parliament are only there because everyone was rather heated one Saturday in 2012.

Sometimes it’s not the local MP’s fault they can’t follow through on their commitments – it’s just they were perhaps not quite honest about how much influence they actually have.

Mudgeeraba MP Ros Bates and Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey held up placards and protested passionately against the Reedy Creek Boral quarry while in opposition only to have Deputy Premier Jeff ‘Crusher’ Seeney gleefully approve it.

In opposition, Mermaid MP Ray Stevens promised to do something about the lack of parking at Robina Stadium but went silent on the issue after getting into government.

As for the schizophrenic Gold Coast City Council, don’t get me started.

Ok, too late.

Seriously, why can’t they choose a bloody lane and stay in it instead of weaving all over the place like a drunken property developer taking the Rolls out for a spin.

When questioned about broken promises and poor polling recently, Prime Minister Tony Abbott shrugged and said voters will get a chance to judge him at the ballot box in three years’ time.

In the meantime, woohoo!

How, in this age rich with medical and technological geniuses and brilliant legal minds, have we have failed to keep governments accountable for their entire term?

We can clone sheep, for goodness sake, how hard could it be to make an honest politician?

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