Pollies working overtime on new rules for same-sex campaign

Both sides of politics are putting in extra hours to develop new laws to protect people from vilification, as the same-sex marriage campaigns ramp up.

Labor will continue working with Fiance Minister Mathias Cormann over the weekend, to create rules to make sure all campaign material is authorised and limits are imposed on what can and cannot be said.

The ads for both sides have already started to roll out across TV, radio and social media.


Why the same-sex marriage movement will react to our television ads https://t.co/CSBL73Heae

The conversation between both sides has started to heat up, with groups clashing outside a church in Brisbane last night.

Police say supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage clashed outside the Ashgrove church, following the High Court decision to let the postal vote go ahead.

One woman was arrested for obstructing police and another suffered a minor injury during the stand off.

Ballot papers for the survey will sent out from next week, with a result to be declared on November 15.