Popular baby strollers sold at Target and Kmart recalled over injury fears

Several popular baby strollers sold at Target and Kmart stores around the country have been urgently recalled over fears they could pose a serious injury risk to infants.

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, there’s a fault in the stroller’s rear axle.

“The strollers may have been installed with a faulty rear axle that has deeper grooves on each side of the wheels,” the recall notice reads.


“The rear axle may snap at the wheels’ position and cause the stroller to fall, posing a risk of injury to the child.”

The affected models of the CNP Brand strollers include:

Childcare Stroller Grey (MODEL # 015264-314 – PO # 17346876 & PO # 17346881)

Childcare Soho Stroller Black (MODEL # 015260-002 – PO # TA-1988600, TA-1993322 & TA-1993323)

Childcare Zeke Stroller Navy (MODEL # 013523-001 – PO # TA-1988600 & TA-1993331)


PHOTO: Childcare Zeke Stroller Navy | ACCC

They have been available for sale from Kmart and Target stores nationally and internationally between 30 September, 2019 and 21 February, 2020.

CNP Brands says there have been no reports of injury as a result of this product fault.

“After receiving feedback from a very small number of customers, and in consultation with our manufacturing team, CNP Brands has identified a quality fault in a small number of our Childcare stroller models,” the company said in a statement to myGC.

“We recognise and take very seriously that the batches of strollers identified are not meeting our customers, nor our own very high standards for our products.”

Anyone who has purchased one of the above strollers during that timeframe is being urged to stop using it.

“Should consumers require assistance identifying if they are in possession of an affected stroller, they are encouraged to visit
www.safetymatterscnp.com.au for more detailed information,” CNP Brands said.

“Alternatively, consumers can contact CNP Brands directly on 1800 656 743 (Australia), 09 555 8410 (New Zealand) or productsafety@cnpbrands.com.au for support and/or additional information.”

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