Popular car park closed after Gold Coasters ignore social distancing

Council car parks at The Spit have officially been closed after dozens of Gold Coasters flocked to the beach yesterday.

Photos posted to social media show large groups continuing to gather in the popular spot.

Mayor Tom Tate said he had no choice but to shut-off the carparks to deter people from congregating in the area.


“People are just not listening so we have taken this measure to discourage visitors,” the Mayor said.

“The message is clear. We can no longer be gathering in groups larger than two and we should only be out for essential activities and exercise.”

The Mayor said a lazy day at the Spit should definitely not be on the cards right now.

“Staying home is the best way to keep us all safe,” he said.

Gold Coast beaches are also at risk of being closed, with people continuing to ignore social distancing rules.

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All the car parks along the beaches should be closed and parking permits issued to all those residents living beteeen the Gold Coast Highway and the seafront to deter inter suburb movement and transmission of the virus.

I think it’s great the way QLD is trying to keep people from gathering in groups.
Pity no one’s doing anything about group gatherings in the tweed area.
Tweed Cooly golf club is a raging place to be on the weekends for golfers from QLD and NSW

Most the people are from Brisbane

The government needs to make the money back. They really need to be handing out the fines to the people that aren’t listening. At the moment I’m looking right down on the beach at the front of Surfers Paradise and I can count 5 people lying there sunbathing. We’re All In This Together play by the rules or pay the fines

Two people sitting together where ever should be ok the same as two people walking on the beach in the park where ever, salt air and sunlight are healthy,
I agree with larger numbers not gathering in public and they should be felt with.
Also the Mayor and his office should not take notice of pictures put on social media as they do not give a true represenation of the truth.

Very true. Can’t trust pictures on social media. It’s might be one old pictures

Crazy stuff. I saw the crowds on the coastal watch surf cams. Time for international visitors to go back to the families in the country they come from. It’s going to be a shame when locals get locked out of the surf because the histrionic latins don’t understand we are in a pandemic. BRAZZAS GO HOME!

Absolutely. The Brazilians have absolutely no idea ? what’s going on and DON’T CARE LESS

I go there to catch fish (by myself) for food as I can longer afford much food shopping, what now Mr TATE????

I feel bad for so many locals who need to find a location to walk their dogs. I’ve been surfing there a bit lately and the surfers have been quite spread out. I was pleasently surprised. Anyway, it’s a small price to pay until we get this under control. People at my work are still not physically distancing. You are all morons. The doctors haven’t been testing people with flus and colds if they haven’t been Over seas or in direct contact. We haven’t tested community transmission in QLD so how do you know who has Covid-19 you freaking monkey brains? Have you not watched the news lately? You need to social distance from anyone that doesn’t live with you, meat sandwich for grey matter.!

Council can employ security & you’re only allowed in if there’s a dog or 2 in the car. Closing 1 of only 3 leash free beach areas will only result in dog owners letting their dogs off leash on the rest of our beaches or their local parks. Bloody idiots…

As locals we walk to Nobbys, but today 5.April, towards Broadbeach and Burleigh beaches were as busy as at Christmas, are all these people mad. We tried to get away as quick as possible. So many people are parking everywhere to have access to the beach. Have the Queenslanders gone mad. All the locals will pay for this, because they won’t have a choice but to close all beaches. People please stay home and use your pools on a hot day. This is serious, how many people do you want to die?

Photos often distort distances etc. most people are doing the right thing on the beaches. Don’t just close beaches etc. come down on those who are ignoring the directions. The more areas that are closed the more you concentrate the people into areas where they can exercise which forms a downward spiral of places available.

Lots of boats out and about too. As if a big multi million dollar boat is out fishing for food. I have to use a boat (only a tinny) to get to work everyday and see more boats out on the water now then there was before restrictions. Yes I have been stopped by the police and questioned only during the week though.

So, I’d like to know how many of people got fined??
Bring heavier fine to stop this silly people’s act!!

Are people from the gold coast immune to the virus ? Or are they so at risk you need to keep them segregated? how about closing the beaches and parks period? Exercise at home.