Popular ‘Coon’ Cheese to be renamed over racial claims

The iconic cheese name Coon will soon disappear from supermarket shelves, with the brand’s owners announcing they’re going to rename the popular cheese.

It comes following years of campaigning from Indigenous Australians, including Aboriginal activist Dr Stephen Haganthe, who say the name is racist.

Coon’s Canadian parent company Saputo confirmed the name change in a statement on Friday.


“At Saputo, one of our basic principles as an organisation is to treat people with respect and without discrimination and we will not condone behaviour that goes against this,” the statement reads.

“As such, we performed a careful and diligent review of a sensitive situation involving one of our brands.

“We wanted to ensure we listened to all the concerns surrounding the Coon brand name, while also considering comments from consumers who cherish the brand and recognise the origin of its founder Edward William Coon, which they feel connected to.

“After thorough consideration, Saputo has decided to retire the Coon brand name.”

A new name has not yet been announced, however the company says it will “honour the brand-affinity felt by our valued consumers while aligning with current attitudes and perspectives.”

“We believe we all share in the responsibility to eliminate racism in all its forms and we feel this is an important step we must take to uphold this commitment.”

Coon cheese was originally named after its founder, American Edward William Coon, who “patented a unique ripening process that was used to manufacture the original Coon Cheese.”

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I understand that the term is a derogatory term, but it was founder’s last name. This is just stupid and people really need to screw their heads on straight. Snowflakes!

TOTALLY AGREE. Maybe the family should also, be made to change their name, by deed poll. The word COON, is not a racist word. Like ALL words, in the past, present & the future,. It all comes down to interpretation. There WILL ALWAYS be words/things that WILL offend someone/group. You cannot change every word/thing, to suit groups of people. Our world/society will never move forward. They want to talk about Racism. ALL, not just black, LIVES MATTER. Their slogan can be seen as racist, but nobody is game enough to say it. Fear of be slandered/branded, as a bigot/racist/ignorant, their is so many names they will call us. They even get to sue us. If tables were turned, we would still wear the same treatment. When is it all going to stop?

Jeez, Sandy. The All Lives Matter is just a movement AGAINST the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s like how MRAs are just against Feminists.

A lot of people seem to have genuinely misunderstood this so I won’t be aggressive

Absolutely in support of the change. Man up Australia. Time to make a difference.

If Coon/Saputo wanted to make a difference, they’d open their wallets and think about their workforce differently. It’s just a publicity show.

Man up Australia”

Awfully s**ist of you, Charles.

I know a family who’s surname is Coon and I’m sure they won’t be changing their surname for anybody!!!!

Yes and whilst your at it why not change the name from which the actual cheese came from.
Cow is also offensive / discriminate for some of the minority morons.
Get real, get a job and get a life.

SInce the legal surname is now “intimidating(?)” – Wondering if the Coon Cheese will become WILLIE Cheese … but wait, no!! that’ll cause another stir!
And by the way what about all the “insinuating/ suggestive” surnames like BLACK or WHITE or BROWN, etc. etc …. Are these going to have to change, too???

Is coon still a derogatory term? I’ve personally never seen anyone say it unless they were referring to the cheese.

The tech community has recently been replacing words like “master” with “primary” and “main”. It’s really too much. People never saw the correlation with racism and slavery until people started changing those terms. It’s white guilt.

It’s actually patronising to those communities though. Name changes like this are rather meaningless. How about these companies open their wallets??

Yep here we go again meandering to the niggers coon cheese….pity Mundine got out and did something for the Abos….all he does is sit in Redfern causing disconnect amongst all the blacks…..like Australia day 26th January always has been always will be !!! Move on niggers stop living in the past. Their new flag is Centrelink always will be because it always has!