Popular Gold Coast beach evacuated after trio of sharks spotted

A busy Gold Coast beach was briefly evacuated this morning after three sharks were spotted swimming in the area.

Surfers and swimmers were cleared from Burleigh Beach around 10.30am after a chopper spotted the sharks, about 1.5 metres in size, in deep water behind the back break.

Chief Lifeguard Chris Maynard told myGC lifeguards closed the beach for around ten minutes as a precaution.


“Our lifeguards on jetskis and our chopper hovered around the area until the sharks swam out to sea,” he said.

Mr Maynard said the sighting of sharks at this time of year is not uncommon.

“This time of year you do often see small sharks in the area at certain times, that’s where they live”.

The beach has since reopened and swimmers have returned to the water, with locals and tourists being assured there is no longer any threat.

“There is no concerns at all, every day is the same, it’s a big ocean and we have good surveillance with the lifeguards across all of our beaches.

“We’ve also got jetski patrols and the chopper, so people have nothing to fear about as far as having a swim inside those flagged areas”.