Popular Gold Coast venue added to public health alert list

A popular Gold Coast location is amongst the two new venues added to Queensland’s public health alert lists.

Health officials are concerned that a person visited The Royal Pines Resort while infectious late last month.

Anyone who was at the Tees clubhouse restaurant or the golf shop on August 24 between 7.45am and 3.00pm, is being urged to go and get tested.


While venues are usually deleted off the health alert list after 14 days, authorities are still asking people to monitor their symptoms carefully if they were there at the same time.

The Royal Pines Resort is amongst just two new venues added to the list of locations on the health alert, including the Gailes Golf Club in Wacol.

That’s despite Queensland now going 11 days without a new case of community transmission.

The state’s latest case was a person who’d recently returned home from overseas.

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For more information, and to see the full list of locations on the health alert, click here.

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So this has nothing to do with the interstate AFL players and family’s staying there!
Must just be a coincidence right.

Why has it taken so long to be advised of this, obviously contact tracing isn’t working like it should

They the government don’t want the AFL plans put in jeopardy.
How embarrassing and politically negative should it be known that the the second wave for QLD came about because the AFL was bringing in some money into the State.