Popular heater recalled from Supercheap Auto stores nationwide

A portable heater sold at Supercheap Auto stores nationwide has been recalled over fears people could suffer carbon monoxide poisoning if it’s not used correctly.

The Campmaster Butane Heater, model CM1950S, has been available for sale since December 2014.

A recall notice posted on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website says “If the product is not used in accordance with the operating instructions, elevated levels of carbon monoxide may be emitted when the knob is set at a specific position between ON and OFF”.


“If the heater is operated in a confined space there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning to the user,” the notice reads.

PHOTO: Supplied

PHOTO: Supplied

Heaters affected are marked with a serial number ranging from 15000001 to 15001300 only.

People are being urged to stop using the heaters immediately and return them to Supercheap Auto for a full refund.