Gold Coast roller coaster closed after malfunction on Easter Sunday

Twelve months after derailing and just three months after reopening to the public, the Gold Coast’s Green Lantern roller coaster at Movie World has again been shut down.

Thrill seekers were reportedly turned away from the problem plagued ride at around midday on Monday after it was closed for safety checks and maintenance.

It comes after passengers became trapped briefly on the ride on two separate occasions on Easter Sunday when the coaster unexpectedly came to an abrupt halt on the tracks midway through a circuit.


Passengers were trapped for only a short time before the ride started up again. Ride operators said the stoppages were not uncommon. It is not known when the ride will be reopened.

The popular attraction, which was officially opened to the public in 2011, was shut down for nine months last year after a carriage partially derailed when a wheel mechanism busted on 15 March.

At the time, a Queensland Fire Service Inspector described it as “a fairly catastrophic failure of the carriage”.

Fire fighters used a cherry picker to retrieve 13 passengers who were trapped in midair for several hours. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

It was revealed that a design flaw in the wheel assembly had caused the carriage to detached from the tracks.

The flawed components were fixed and tested before the ride was reopened to the public on 16 December.