Positive COVID test forces Aussie track and field team into isolation

Australia’s entire track and field team has been forced into isolation just a day out from the first events after a fellow competitor tested positive to Covid.

Up until now, Olympians had been keeping pretty sheltered from the coronavirus situation in Tokyo, which is now the worse it’s ever been.

It’s now been confirmed that American pole vaulter Sam Kendricks has tested positive for coronavirus, with rapid testing of other athletes underway.


It’s understood he had been training quite closely with Australian pole vaulter Kurtis Marschall.

63 Australian track and field athletes are now isolating in their rooms, while authorities scramble to test them all.

“Members of Australia’s track and field team at the Tokyo Olympic Games are isolating in their rooms as a precautionary measure following news of a COVID positive finding with a member of the US track and field team,” a statement from the AOC says.

“Members of the Australian track and field team ar enow undergoing testing procedures in line with Australian Olympic team protocols.”