Smell of gas prompts partial evac of Gold Coast hospital

Hospital Evac - Tom Delaney

GAS LEAK: Exclusion zone setup around the Gold Coast Uni Hospital – ED evacuated over gas leak fears. IMAGE: Tom Delaney SOURCE: Supplied

UPDATE: THE Gold Coast University Hospital’s Emergency Department has reopened after earlier reports of a gas leak forced its partial evacuation.

Around 40 people were removed from the ED at around 7pm while emergency services tested the air-conditioning system for leaks after a number of people reported a strange smell and complained of feeling ill.


The incident has since been given the all clear.

EARLIER: PARTS of the Gold Coast University Hospital have tonight been evacuated over fears of a gas leak.

A number of people inside the Accident & Emergency Department reportedly complained of a smell and started to feel ill.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reports that an exclusion zone has been setup around the hospital, with around 45 people evacuated from Accident & Emergency.

Leah Marie was there when the alarms sounded and told Gold Coast Weather & News Together that fire crews started arriving around 7pm.

“A really loud alarm went off and then when we got to the bottom floor, the fire panel was lit up and the security guards were talking about moving beds and people,” Leah said.

“Two fire trucks rocked up as we were heading out the door and they locked down the front drop-off bay.”

Emergency services have confined the incident to just one area of the department, with reports that gas could have been leaking from the air-conditioning system.

Arriving ambulances have been diverted to Robina Hospital until the all clear is given.