Possum cruelty verdict angers RSPCA

The RSPCA has hit out at a Queensland magistrate who let two possum torturers get away with a slap on the wrist.

Brisbane local Callum Gibson Mckenzie and Hunter Lawrence Jonasen were both 17 when they decided to get their kicks by repeatedly driving over possum on Christmas Day 2015.

The two men drove back and forth over its lower body and later uploaded photos to SnapChat.


They both pleaded guilty to animal cruetly in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Friday.

The offence carries a maximum penalty of three years jail, but the pair escaped punishment.

The Magistrate said she took into account their age, the fact that they were vilified on social media and that they have shown remorse by building possum boxes.

RSPCA Qld CEO Mark Townend said he was outraged.

“I feel that the Magistrate is out of tune with other members of the judiciary who are now taking animal cruelty seriously,” Mr Townend said.

“They will be going home to sleep in their comfortable beds, no fine, no community service. They’ve basically walked away without any consequences for their actions.”

“The possum crawled away to die a lingering death while the perpetrators laughed and posted their heroic deed on social media.

“Forget about being vilified! They were the ones who put it out there in the first place!

“And as for building possum boxes! I wonder who dreamt up that idea.”