Potential new dams to protect Brisbane and Ipswich from floods

TWO new dams could be built to better protect Brisbane and Ipswich from major flood events.

Water Supply Minister Mark McArdle today announced the Queensland government were considering building two new dams and raising the Wivenhoe Dam to better protect residents.

“It is important to stress no decisions have been made about which dams may or may not be built,” he said.


Mr McArdle said the flood mitigation options that the Queensland Government were considering are:
•increasing the flood mitigation compartment of Wivenhoe Dam by raising the dam wall;
•a new dam on the Brisbane River upstream of Linville; and
•a new dam on the Lower Warrill Creek near Willowbank.

“A more detailed investigation will now be carried out to consider the benefits, estimated costs, and potential impacts of each of the three options or combinations of options,” he said

“The new dams we are investigating could save thousands more homes and businesses if there was a repeat of the 2011 floods, but it is still early days and we will now do more detailed studies into these options.

A map outlining the potential dam sites is available here.