Power prices a hot topic in today’s COAG meeting

The cost of electricity will be on the agenda today when Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull meets with Australia’s state and territory leaders in Hobart on Friday.

The Council of Australian Governments will be presented with chief scientist Dr Alan Finkel’s final report on the national energy system.

Dr Finkel briefed energy ministers of his review on yesterday and it’s understood he will recommend a “clean energy target”rather than an emissions intensity scheme or a carbon price.


It’s hope that will help ease pressure on power prices while cutting carbon emissions and ensuring the grid is reliable.

While he’s not expected to recommend a specific figure for the target, he will argue the proposal would be enough to meet Australia’s Paris climate agreement commitments.

Late last month, the Palaszczuk Government outlined a $1.16 billion power plan for the state.

The plan includes $770 million pledged to reduce planned power price increases in regional Queensland.