Prawn and crab fishing ban after disease outbreak in SE Qld river

A prawn and crab fishing ban is currently in place in a south-east Queensland river following an outbreak of white spot disease.

It’s the first time the disease, which has devastated prawn fisheries worldwide, has been found in Australia.

Biosecurity Queensland said test results confirmed White Spot had infected wild prawns recently collected from the Logan River.


“This detection follows the confirmation of the disease on two prawn farms in the region recently. Additionally, a third property nearby has now been confirmed as infected,” authorities said in a statement.

While the prawns infected with the disease are not harmful to humans, Biosecurity Queensland said the ban was needed to reduce the risk of the disease spreading to other areas of Queensland and other states.

A movement control order has been applied to the Logan River from Jabiru Weir and Luscombe Weir to the mouth of the river.

The ban includes crustaceans such as prawns and crabs and polychaete worms.

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